About Us

Cones Kosher Ice Cream Truck

Welcome to Cones Ice Cream Truck! Our trucks travel around the Tri State area, serving delicious kosher ice cream.

Our Products

  • Ice Cream (Dairy and Non-dairy)

  • Ice Cream Cakes

  • Ices and Popsicles

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Milkshakes, Fruitshakes, and Smoothies

  • Cotton Candy

Our products are produced under strict Rabbinical supervision and are all certified Kosher L’Mehadrin.

We are inspired to deliver delightful & memorable experiences through our delicious kosher ice cream treats.

We Live For Your Smile!

We bring the finest kosher ice cream treats to you from the First Family of Kosher Ice Cream: Klein’s. Be captivated by the selection of soft ice cream, non diary or dairy, fat free, sugar free with an impressive array of customized toppings. Our heavenly razzles, fruit and milk shakes keep our customers returning for more. Choose from a variety of tens of flavors for your ice cream cone, and let the taste linger on. Kleins is famous for its Vegan approved ice creams that are ideal for our lactose intolerant consumers.

To more delicious memories,

Binyamin, Founder of Cones Ice Cream